Mark 1:29-39

What a wonder it would be to have one more day of life. Have you thought about how many good works we can do in a single day? What good deeds have you done today? Well, I invite you to travel to Capernaum to see a whole day of Jesus according to Saint Mark.

Jesus and the disciples move from the synagogue to Peter’s family house. Simon’s mother-in-law is sick, and Jesus heals her. Jesus came and took her by the hand, and raised her up”. The mother-in-law, once healed, begins to serve the men. The typical miracle includes some sort of confirmation that the healing took place. In his case, the woman’s service provides that confirmation.

The people wait until evening, when the sabbath is officially over, to bring those who are sick and possessed to Jesus for healing. Their response to Jesus is total. Jesus heals (physical infirmities) and casts out demons (spiritual infirmities).

Jesus gets up while it is still very dark,  and goes to pray in a desert place free from distractions. a place where he can find strength from the One in whose service he has come.

 Peter and the other disciples were ‘searching’ for Jesus and tell him Everyone is looking for you. Peter implies that Jesus has erred by seeking time alone for prayer. Jesus will not let his disciples set his agenda, he is already following the agenda set by his Father. He has come to preach, and that is what he is going to do. Jesus has not come primarily to heal, but to call people to repentance.  The danger is that people will respond favorably to his miracles, but not at all to his call to spiritual renewal.

~Fr. Chesco