Today Catholic Christians celebrate the feast of All Saints.  The purpose of this day is to honor all souls in heaven.  This would include the many thousands of people the Catholic Church has declared to be in heaven – those honored as “saint” or “blessed” – but also those who have never been beatified or canonized.
For Catholic Christians, our hope and prayer is that all human souls will one day be saints, that is, that they will be in heaven with God for all eternity.

In a special way, this day honors those who have been canonized, that is, who have been declared to be saints.  Three youth from our own continent of North America, for example, were declared “saints” on October 15th.  Their names are: Cristobal, Antonio, and Juan, and they join the long list of the martyrs of Mexico.

These boys, who were around 12 years old when they were killed for their faith – Cristobal in 1527, and Antonio and Juan in 1529.  The three new saints are known as the “Child Martyrs of Tlazcala.”

As we continue our Eucharist today, we ask God for one thing.  Our prayer is that God, in his infinite power, love and mercy, forgive the sins of all humanity – past, present and future, and to bring all people to heaven.

And that is the good news I have for you on this feast of All Saints, 2017.