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I am concerned that Ann Street has become a two-way street; it is narrow and with 2 way traffic I see it as dangerous! Is this a permanent change?

Second question: I attend 5:30 Saturday evening faithfully and enjoy the beautiful voices but I do not feel it is appropriate to clap after some of the songs. Appreciation can be done in another way.

The answer for this question:
Thank you for your message.

As to the first question, yes, the City of Wilmington has decided to make Ann Street a 2-way street. This is part of the master plan to make Ann Street a bicycle path down to the Cape Fear River. Ann Street will be sort of an oasis from heavy traffic thanks to the blockade on Third Street and Fifth Avenue. Third Street blockade has already been done, so only bicycles can cross the medium there. The same will be done on Fifth Avenue.

As for clapping at Mass, this is something the people do when they want to show their appreciation for special talents. There are two ways of thinking of this. The first is the way I grew up. In those days, we were always silent. The theory was that silence showed respect for the Blessed Sacrament. The other way of looking at clapping has its basis in the teaching of the Church Fathers at the Second Vatican Council. In that Council, Catholic Christians were reminded that Christ is really present in four (4) ways at every Mass: (1) in the assembly (the ones doing the clapping); (2) in the presider (the ordained priest or bishop leading the Mass); (3) in the proclaimed Scripture; and (4) in the Blessed Sacrament. If it is true that Jesus is really present in the assembly, the logic goes, isn’t it Jesus who is applauding? Just something to ponder…

Fr. Bob