Easter Sunday – The Sister Isaac Center
It is an honor to have been asked by Mary Ann Kotas, the Director of the Center, to be the guest writer for this week’s bulletin.

As I reflect on the mission of your Outreach to our brothers and sisters in need over these past 30 years, the theme of Resurrection is front and center in my mind.  How many folks have had new life given them as they came for assistance and shared their stories with one of  the many, many volunteers who give of their time and talent each week to just show up and listen?  How many folks have been physically fed, nourished and energized by the countless volunteers who spend hours asking for food, picking it up, shelving, packaging and distributing it to them?  How many folks have had new life breathed into them, when they are the recipients of decent furniture, household items and clothing which has first been donated by caring people and then carefully selected by the Center’s volunteers just for them? The Center is a vital part of the Basilica/Shrine Community and all your support by prayer, financial and physical assistance and interest  has helped the Parish be known as a church “that cares for the poor”.  What a distinction!

These are only a few of my reflections during the first months of “retirement”.  Yes, I do miss my ministry at the Basilica, but as I shift gears, I strive to remember each day that we are called to bring life to wherever we find ourselves, right here, right now.  Yes, it takes an effort to be merciful, compassionate, and caring.  Jesus’s resurrection reminds us that suffering, crosses and death have been conquered and we have been empowered to bring His message of Life to all around us.  The tomb is empty and the Angel’s message to us is truth - “He is not here…He goes before you”…let’s look for Him in all the daily events of your life, where He is waiting to be found.

So the musings of an 80 year old are simple – He is alive – do we dare believe this?  If we are even able to whisper a feeble “yes” then let’s get with the program and live it!   Happy, Blessed Easter!

Sister Isaac