Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Another beautiful day in great North Carolina. Hope you can have fun by going to the beach, golfing or  taking a riverwalk downtown. Whatever you choose, enjoy the moment.  Remember that wearing a mask and social distancing is part of our wardrobe.

Since it is impossible for me to go to the Metropolitan Opera during the pandemic I have been listening to many operas at home in the evening. Opera for me is total art because it consists of beautiful singing, acting, orchestra music, creative stage design, original costumes and sometimes even dancing. All together in one show. Plus the atmosphere of being surrounded in an auditorium by almost 4 thousand opera lovers who share the same passion.

I realized I might have a gift for becoming a gourmet chef. During the coronavirus pandemic I  have been experimenting with many dishes. Cooking is fun, especially when it turns out well.

We all might discover hidden talents of our own throughout this time.

Please pray  for singers, choristers, musicians, conductors, directors  who find themselves jobless because theaters are closed this season. Also pray for the chefs so they would muster and not burn their dishes.

May your weekend be filled with hope and positive thinking.

With prayers,
Fr. Ryszard