Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It was good to worship with you last Sunday. Thank you for your friendship and continued  support with your time, talent and treasure of our beloved Basilica Shrine of St. Mary. This  Sunday’s Gospel(Matthew 16:21-27) reading is about carrying the cross. Jesus never glorified suffering but He did everything to alleviate it and He encourages us to do the same.  Some crosses come to us naturally.
For example: each generation takes care of the other by raising children or taking care of aging parents which can be very difficult and frustrating.
During the coronavirus pandemic parents and children are not able to visit each other as much as they wish. More than that young people are returning  to their parents’ homes to maintain their livelihoods creating a time that may feel like a step backward. Even though we feel we are in reverse mode we can shift to forward by rearranging the original order.  The present situation of living with uncertainty teaches us to be informed and encourages us to be re-inspired. Our relationships can still give us a shot in the arm to keep our spirits uplifted. We need each other.
Just as Jesus accepted the burden of the cross we  have to accept challenges in our lifetime keeping in mind that  we are going to be better and bigger.
This coming Saturday Ana Paola will celebrate her  quinceanera. May the Lord bless her with many blessings dear to her heart. We are happy for her and her family. Feliz quince anos!
In Christ,
Fr. Ryszard