John 1:35-42

Some followers of Christ are cold, They do not motivate others. Why… they have not had a true encounter with the Lord.

They follow Jesus by tradition obligation or custom. Why do you follow Jesus?

Let’s examine some details of the first encounter that three disciples had with that Jesus, according to the Gospel of John.

John the Baptist continues his witness to Jesus. In this case, he witnesses to two of his own disciples, who respond by leaving John and following Jesus. When Jesus sees them asks  “What are you looking for?”. The two disciples respond by asking where he is staying. A rabbi would have a place used for teaching disciples, and their question could indicate a desire to go to that place for instruction. Their question may be less about Jesus’ lodging arrangements than with the substance of his being—Who are you?—Where do you stand?—What are you about?

Jesus answers  “Come, and see” (v. 39a). This is their call to discipleship—and Jesus’ first words in this Gospel. The comment about the time of day is interesting. this would be four o’clock in the afternoon. Why mention such an inconsequential detail? Perhaps it is a superficial explanation of a profound decision. When we have a truly life-changing experience, we remember and report such details.

Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother” was “One of the two who heard John, and followed Jesus. While Andrew will not achieve great stature among the apostles, he brings people to Jesus on three occasions, this being the first. Later, he will bring a boy with loaves and fishes to Jesus (6:8-9). Finally, he will bring a group of Greeks (12:20-22).

~Fr. Chesco