Dear Ones,

A little catching up as we look forward. Beginning this week Fr. Chesco and I will be celebrating School Masses weekly. Sadly, due to covid, these will be for St. Mary students and faculty only. When relief is declared we will open things up more and more. Meanwhile, our public Daily Mass schedule continues.

I told the people at our Sunday 9AM Mass that, beginning on September 12, that Mass will be moved to 8AM. This schedule will continue through Memorial Day weekend 2022. Having the schedule this way allows us to have some breathing room for our Sunday School classes between 9 and 10:30. Hope this works out for everyone.

This Friday I will try to celebrate a 1st Friday Mass for Vocations at 6:30 AM. If you can’t be with us at Mass, be with us at prayer as we face a diminishing number of priests serving a growing number of the Faithful. Come Holy Spirit!!!

-Father T