Dear Ones,

There’s an old Latin saying: Festina Lente! Which means: “Hurry up, slowly!” That kind of captures my state of being since arriving here. Trying to get a handle on what is, by learning what has happened, and beginning to perceive what can be. Part of that is simple…what can be, is that we all grow closer to the Lord. This is NOT something we can or should attempt to do alone. We need to understand ourselves to be members of the Body of Christ together and to remove anything that keeps us from seeing that or preventing others from seeing that. At the same time, I move slowly in the hope that I will not make a mistake that could hurt people and, since I’m a priest, hurt their relationship with the Church and the Lord. One thing that keeps me humble is the sure certainty that I will make mistakes. I hope I can forgive others so I, too, can be forgiven!

In the meantime, miles to go. Our Parish Ministry Staff meets weekly. The better I get to know them the happier I am at the welcome they have given me and the care they have for this faith community and the ministries they lead. Like everything else in the world right now, they are dealing with covid, and so are limited from doing all they would like. That also complicates our looking ahead as we plan for Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas, with a little Immaculate Conception and Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe thrown in for good measure. Also, you’ll see “movie people” doing all they do to film scenes from a young adult novel that will air on Amazon Prime. They will be filming mostly in the Upper Room, having turned it into a country club ballroom. I think we get to keep the new drapery rods and draperies and some carpeting! Oh Happy Day!

Be well, do good!

~Fr. T