Dear Ones,

By the time you read this…

I write this each week, at the latest, on Mondays and I like to talk about things that just happened. But I’m frustrated because I’m writing before they happen. Needless to say, I’m most comfortable with most theological truths and the truths of the human condition.

They say that change is hard. If so, I guess I’ve had a hard life. Unless that is. If the changes that occur are what we call growth. Since the hard change of changing schools (and homes and States) in the 4th grade I have always tried to approach change with the attitude of a growth opportunity. And that’s a good thing. Since returning to Wilmington I have wondered if I’m getting too much of a “good thing!” St. John Henry Newman said: “To change is to grow; to have changed often is to have grown much.” One change I’m looking forward to is when babies learn that all the people around them have smiles under their masks

Be well, do good!

~Fr. T