Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving  whoever you celebrated it with.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving I baptised three children. May the Lord direct them in the paths of life and protect them and  their families.

Covid- 19 is rampant throughout the United States. Fortunately we are still alive and healthy even though we have been dealt a terrible hand of cards this year. As you know by now Pfizer has already announced a 95% proven  Covid vaccine and Moderna announced almost a 95% effective vaccine. Hopefully we will all be able to be inoculated against the virus and normalcy will return. In the meantime we still have to be cautious and follow the guidelines of CDC.

We are now in the first week of Advent. Just as the Blessed Mother looked forward with anticipation to the birth of her son, so we also look forward to greeting the Newborn Savior into our lives.

Let us pray this week for all expecting mothers  who participate in a special advent in their lives waiting for their child to be born.

In Christ,
Fr. Ryszard