When we distributed our Thanksgiving baskets, we encouraged our guests to write a thank you note we could share with donors. I thought I’d share some excerpts with you:

“Thank you. How nice it was to be thought of. You made a lot of people happy today. God bless you.”

“I genuinely appreciate everything you guys do for my family and I. This will be such a blessing as we are also feeding some less fortunate children in our neighborhood.”

“It takes loving and caring people to do this for people that don’t have much.”

“Thank you so much. Without you there would be no Thanksgiving meal.”

“Thank you for your generous support during this Thanksgiving holiday. People like you made my family proud to be able to eat a dinner at the table on Thanksgiving with great honor. Thank you.”

“Just want to say from the bottom of my heart me & my kids appreciate everything St Mary’s has done for us.”

“Words are not enough to express to you how grateful I am for the help you gave us.”

“I truly thank you. I love what you all do for people. I hope someday I can help you guys help people.”

“Me and my family really appreciate the love in your heart that the blessing you give us. This make our Thanksgiving be one of the best we ever had.”

“Thank you for being there for me and my children. I feel so bless to know someone like yourselves that shows lots of love and also that you guys care.”

“My family and I would like to thank each one of you for your help and hard work.”

“I hope and pray that God bless you double for your love you show to me.”

“Thank you very much for this special meal. It’s people like you all who make families have something to be thankful for during this season/holiday.”

And this one made me smile:  “Thank you who blessed me with Thanksgiving dinner. O yeah, thank you Sister Mary, I pray God bless each and every one of you abundantly.”   (Many of our guests seem to think I am a nun – I keep trying to explain I’m not!)

Special Need of the Week –   Remember that the gifts from the Giving Tree leaves and the shoeboxes for Yesterday’s Children are due by next Sunday, December 17.  You may put the gifts under the tree in Church, or bring them to the Sister Isaac Center or to the Church office.  Thanks for helping.