Fourth Sunday of Advent, 2017 – December 24th
Mary Ann invited me to write this article and I am delighted to do so.  This weekend almost writes itself – 4th Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve on the same day!

One of my favorite Advent themes over the years has been a phrase that has meant so much to me on my spiritual journey:  Christ comes in HISTORY; MYSTERY AND MAJESTY.  Mary’s “Yes”, that we hear recorded in today’s Gospel Word,  gave us Jesus in historical time.  We’ve become so accustomed to this incredible event, that we often pay no attention to just how powerful and world-changing it is in humankind’s History.  God chose to make his home with us; he pitched his tent among us which is a familiar translation of John’s “the Word was made Flesh”. He is Emmanuel – God-With-Us.  What a Gift!

Today, as we pray at the Eucharistic Sacrifice, we experience Christ’s coming to us in Mystery.  Jesus, during his lifetime, constantly reminded us He is present in each one of us.  This belief is the very foundation of The Sister Isaac Center.  Hundreds are involved each week in serving Jesus in our brothers and sisters who come to us for assistance.  It’s not easy work; Thanksgiving Baskets and The Giving Tree project demands so much attention to detail as we continue to touch one another with kindness, compassion and caring.  But the Center is just one of many, many ways to find Christ in Mystery and may Christmas gift us with the eyes to find Him in all the different ways He chooses to come to us each and every day.

Christ’s coming in Majesty is at our individual deaths.  Our faith inspires in us our belief in eternal life.  Karl Rahner, SJ wrote that death is closing our eyes to this life’s journey, and opening them up to see Jesus.

So let us say “yes” to the comings of Jesus and we will definitely have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.