Thank you to everyone that helped to put love and cheer into the lives of so many with all of our Christmas projects.

We provided a full Christmas to 30 families:  several items of clothing and gifts for each child, a large gift for the parents and a wonderful basket of food for Christmas that will provide meals for a few days.

We delivered lovely wrapped shoeboxes, full of hygiene items and small gifts, to over 200 individuals.  Several volunteers delivered these gifts in person to each of the residents in Hadden Hall and the James Walker Apartments; the rest of the boxes were given to elders via the Bread for Life program.

The last week we were open we had a “Christmas Room”; we allowed any of our daily guests with children in the home to ‘shop’ for a few gifts for each of their children. The room was quite full at the beginning of the week, and thanks to the donations that kept coming in, the room was fully stocked each day. We shared all the extra toys with St Joseph’s in Burgaw; they were given to the visitors to their food pantry.

During our last week, many of our guests received beautiful boxes of food for an “Italian night dinner” donated by the Catholic Daughters.

My sincere thanks go out to our parishioners and everyone else that participated; it’s impossible to list them all but I’ll try (apologies if I left anyone out).

  • My outstanding volunteers at the Center (we spent hundreds of hours to put this together)
  • Our parish staff
  • Our school children and staff
  • The Senior Singles
  • The Altar Guild
  • The Catholic Daughters
  • St Mark’s school
  • St Mark’s Columbiettes
  • The Cotton Exchange (where we had an additional Giving Tree)
  • The Knights of Columbus (loaning us space!)
  • The Toys for Tots organization
  • The Agape Circle at Grace United Methodist
  • Several individuals that adopted entire families
  • A couple additional women’s groups that donated filled shoeboxes for our elders
  • Everyone that took any of the hundreds of leaves from our Giving Trees
  • Donors that brought in many, many additional Christmas items, toys, shoeboxes and decorations
  • The countless number of donors that sent in cash donations for the holidays

Blessings to everyone that helped us share the Christmas spirit with so many!  And best wishes to you and yours for a Happy New Year!

Special Need of the Week:   Next Sunday, January 5 is “Share Sunday”; consider bringing non-perishable food donations for our food pantry when you come to mass.