Last week I explained the workings of the Giving Tree gathering gifts for families we are helping this year.  This week I’ll tell you about two of our other Christmas projects, one for our elders and the other for youngsters.

“Yesterday’s Children” is a program Sr Isaac put in place years ago.  We focus on helping Seniors with a gift box of items.   We ask that people gather hygiene items and perhaps an extra little gift or treat, and wrap them in a shoebox, covered with holiday wrapping.  The suggested items are: toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, deodorant, hand cream or lotion, shampoo and conditioner, powder, tissues, a pair of sox, a washcloth, razors and shaving cream for men,  and any other little item you’d like to add such as candy, a puzzle book, gloves or anything else you can think of.   Decide if the items are geared to a man or a woman, and mark the box specifiying “lady” or “gentleman”.  We have several volunteers that load their cars up with shoeboxes and deliver them personally.  Our original focus was providing gifts to the residents of Hadden Hall, but the project has grown significantly and allows us to distribute them to many other recipients as well.  Depending on how many boxes we receive, we spread them out throughout the community to places such as  Walker Apartments, Solomon Towers, the Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, nursing homes and anywhere else we can find a need.  The more we receive, the more places we can visit.

If you’d like to participate, find a shoebox and  have fun filling it; we left a few empty ones under the tree. Know that for many of these seniors, it will be the only gift they receive.  Our elves that make the deliveries find as much joy in the project as the recipients.    You can bring your wrapped shoebox to Church or to the Center anytime between now and  December 17.  We will be delivering them on the 21st.

Our other project is a “Christmas Room”.  We have found that often times people drop off  new toys and gifts that would make great Christmas presents.  Since we only do a full Christmas for about 30 families, many of our other guests could use a gift or two for their children.  We gather all our “extras” and display them in a room in the back (the Knights kindly share their space with us). The room will be open for business the week of December 11.  When one of our interviewers is helping a guest with children, they escort the parent or grandparent back to the Christmas Room and allow them to shop for a few gifts for their family.

If you’d like to help fill our Christmas Room, drop your donations off at my office at the Center by December 11.


Special need of the week:   Flatware – we never have enough to go around!