Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The tomb of Jesus is empty!

Our Basilica Shrine of Saint Mary is also empty, as well as many churches in the world due to coronavirus. There are no faithful praying and singing, no sound of music, no bells reverberating within the walls, no fragrance of flowers filling the sanctuary.  The empty shrine reminds us of the empty tomb of Jesus and brings our belief in resurrections real and so precious right now.

The apostles were comforted when Jesus appeared before them.  He promised He would never leave them.  And with His promise He will never leave us in these challenging times. Just as the apostles were initially scared, some of us also might be frightened during this outbreak of pandemic.

We need to remember that faith is not magic, it is TRUST in our Creator.  The empty church does not mean that Jesus in not there, that he is not risen.  By faith we know He is alive and in each one of us.

We should never forget the power of prayer!  Pray with me that all will be better sooner that soon.  I wish you all a very happy Easter.  Stay safe and well.

In Christ,

Fr. Ryszard