This week I’d like to mention a few areas where I can use some help:

It’s been a couple years since we’ve published a brochure. It was in the works the month the hurricane hit, and we’ve never gotten back to it.  I’d love to find someone that’s good with putting together a new brochure for us. It would have basic info on the services we offer, our financial info and some pictures of guests and volunteers. I have several examples of previous ones – and I’m open to new ideas and formats.

The hurricane also put a (temporary) hold on our two fundraisers – our semi-annual yard sale and our quarter auction.  We are trying to reinstate both of these projects this year.

In the past, we held semi-annual yard sales which helped fund our Work for Rent program. We have a closet full of potential sale items and we are in the process of trying to book a date this spring. We are in the midst of trying to set a date, confirm the space we need and gather volunteers to work.  The sale itself is usually held on Saturday and also opens after the morning masses on Sunday.  Contact my office if you are interested in working on the sale.  Please hold on to any ‘yard sale’ donations at the moment – we will definitely put out a call for donations once our plans are firm and we are ready to accept items.

The Quarter Auction is a fund raiser, but it’s also a fun social event.  There are typically 120 or so in attendance; there is a small entrance fee, for which they are assigned a paddle with their bidding number. We gather many prizes to offer up for bid.  We determine the approximate value of the item, and that sets the price for bidding.  For instance, if an item is worth about $25, we’ll ask for one quarter bids on it; if the value is greater, we’d raise the number of quarters accordingly.  Everyone is equipped with a bidding paddle which they would raise high in the air if they are interested, and they’d put their quarter(s) in a nearby bucket on their table. Then our emcee draws numbers – kind of bingo style. The number is called and if your paddle is in the air, you’ve won it!  (If it’s on the table, and you didn’t bid, oh well – you didn’t win… and the emcee will continue to call numbers until there’s a winner.)  It’s really a fun day.  The donations are put to use purchasing items we need at outreach, such as work boots and bike locks. At this time, we are trying to gather volunteers to solicit donations for the auction, particularly gift cards from local businesses.  If this is an area you can help with, please let us know.

In the meantime, watch this space for updates on our events; we’ll keep you posted!