We are often  blessed with donations from people that are honoring someone else.  The last several months  we’ve had many of these.  Some donations came in honor of Sister Isaac and the work she did for so many  years  from long time friends and supporters who are continuing to support the Center.  There are two gentleman that gave us donations in honor of their mother for her birthday and again for Christmas. One couple asked their friends and family to make donations to the Center in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.    We’ve had several  offerings when a family loses a loved one and asks that anyone wishing to make a donation in their memory share it with us.

Thanks to these ‘extra’ funds we’ve received, I’ve been able to offer extra assistance to several people in dire circumstances.   One young family had been evicted from their home, primarily because it was deemed an unsafe structure. I was able to help them make a water deposit in a new residence.

A young woman, aged 26, came in the other day.  She was quite distraught. Her mother had died this past year and she had the burden of burial costs; she told me she had to choose cremation since it was the most economical.  She has no other relatives,  and she was left in the place  she shared with her mother.  The young woman has some mental health challenges and was hospitalized for some time. Meanwhile, she allowed someone else to stay in the house, with the understanding they would handle the expenses. When she was released, she realized they hadn’t kept up with their responsibilities and she is now facing the bills they incurred.  Her water has been turned off and she has a huge bill.  She believes she’s facing eviction and is trying to get bills settled before she moves on. Social Services helped with her electric bill, and I helped with her water bill.  The poor girl is really suffering, to the point she is hurting herself in her sleep – I could see the marks on her arms.  She did tell me she had an appointment with a therapist the next day, and people are working with her to try and find a place she can stay and get help.

Another young mom came in for help with her electric bill; she has seven children in the home – but only two of them are her own. She has taken on her sister’s five children, because their mother has drug problems and is unable to care for them.  Her mother and other relatives are helping her when they can, but she certainly has her hands full. I helped her with their high electric bill.

I’ve seen so many people in the last few weeks that are either facing eviction or having their water or electric turned off.  The weather hasn’t helped; many of them lost days or weeks at work due to the weather and that means they lost their pay.  In the meantime, their bills went up due to the weather.

Again,  my thanks to everyone that supports us in our efforts.  Your donations are what allows us to help those in need.  Please remember  they need our prayers as well.