The Bishop stopped in for a visit a couple weeks ago.  It was a pleasure to meet him – he’s so personable! He really took an interest in our ministry. I gave him the grand tour and he was full of questions. He made it a point to shake hands with volunteers and he spoke to some of our guests. It was truly an honor to have him stop in.

We are continuing to be busy each day. We’ve been experiencing high volumes of first-timers, people that have never come to us seeking help. Day after day, people are coming in asking for help with their utility bills. One young woman came in with her electric bill; it was for one month.  Her account was up to date so there was no past due amount on the bill – but the current charge for just one month was $425.00.   So many of our guests are living in places with very poor heating systems, and they often supplement their heat with space heaters; our recent cold waves have really impacted their utility bills.  Social Services has a program to offer some assistance with electric bills and I encourage people to apply for their help, but it still won’t be enough to cover their bills.  I have been able to offer some help to many, but for most, they’ll still be struggling with their bills for the next few months.

Late one afternoon while I was doing some paperwork, a gentleman called asking if we had any baby formula.  I told him to come on over and I’d help him; he arrived with his beautiful baby in tow.  He was quite frantic – told me they had just gotten the baby back from a foster home and he was desperate for formula and diapers.  Thanks to the generosity of St Therese parish, I was able to help him with both.

As our daily traffic continues to be busy, donations keep coming in too.  Last week, our St Mary students brought in toothpaste and tissues in honor of Catholic School Week.  We always welcome any donations of hygiene items.  We stock our cabinets monthly, at the cost of about $1000 per month, and often times our shelves empty out before the month ends.  The children’s donations were very helpful; we almost never have tissues to disperse and we are now happy to have them on hand during this flu season.

I’m not much of a football fan, but I always know when it’s getting close to Super Bowl time …  TV’s keep coming in.  We always have an abundance of them this time of year.   Last week, one of our quilter groups dropped in with three bags full of beautiful quilts.   The gentleman that drops in each month to give me his $50 donation came in the second week of the month – and apologized for being late!  We are truly blessed to have so many faithful donors!

Special Need – We are always in need of clean mattress sets – twin, full and queen size.