Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We have been together through three hurricanes. The worst one was Florence because it caused extensive damage to the campus. I have great news for you! An agreement with the insurance company was reached. The contract with the builder has been signed.
It has been a long, hard two years with many obstacles to overcome, like walking through thorns to the goal. But with all passing difficulties I was made much stronger and much more equipped to walk in my full purpose!
I can’t begin to tell you how much time, expertise and creativeness was required from The Building Committee (Fr. Ryszard, Laura Vinson, John Wojciechowski, Stephen Levesque, Robert Benazzi, and Ralph Maggio) who has diligently worked on restoration plans. Countless meetings and hard work of its members resolved with signing the contract with Harp Builders. The Building Committee vote was unanimous in favor of this company.
I want to thank the members of the Building Committee for their dedication to our beloved Basilica Shrine of St Mary Parish. You are fantastic! It has been an honor to work with you and learn from you. May Mary the Mother of Jesus watch over you and your families always.
Mr. Val Cleary, owner of The Harp Builders has a lot of experience working on large construction projects and historic buildings. Some of his projects downtown include The Historic Cape Fear Apartments,Thalian Hall, New Hanover County Courthouse. The Harp Builders were responsible for doing all the work at Shell Island Resort after the hurricane in record time. Mr. Cleary’s reputation precedes him. He and his wife Margaret are also members of our parish. I am very happy to have Val on board.
Stay tuned. More news to come.
Fr. Ryszard