Matthew 13:1-9

Jesus goes to the sea boards a boat and tells us the story about a sower of seeds that goes to sow a seed in four kinds of terrain.

The farmer scattered the seeds with his hand as he walked across the land. The first terrain he encounters are the roads that cut through the fields. On the second terrain, seeds fell to the ground amidst the stones. This caused the seeds to sprout rapidly, but they dried quickly in the sun. The third terrain is fields infested with thorns and weeds that drown the good seeds; and the fourth terrain the seeds fall on good, fertile soil and bore fruit, one hundred, another sixty, another thirty: There is a clear contrast between the lost seeds (13, 4-7) and the abundant fruit (13.8).

I want to invite you to see this parable as a direct invitation from Jesus to receive his word as a seed and allow it to germinate.

The parable of the sower is itself a seed that Jesus sows in us today.

It is necessary to avoid two dangers. The first is to consider that the land on the road is the group of non-believers and that the other terrains are the believers. No, the seed is the divine word and the four grounds are you, and I, and all the believers, because we in some way have an interest in Jesus. You and I can be a land on the road when we do not pay attention to His word, when we do not seek to understand His message, when we have no interest in knowing what God wants from us.

The second danger is to believe that we are already the good ground that is bearing fruit. I wish it were true, but it is better to think that we can be the four fields. You are a land on the road when we do not pay attention to the gospel, when even though you love it you are not interested in its word. You are stony ground when the difficulties, prejudices and the opinion of others weigh more than the love you have for Jesus and his word. You are weedy land when things, people and occupations remove Jesus from the center of your life and you are good land when you hear the word, you try every day to understand it and seek to produce the expected fruits and learn from Him.