We are blessed to receive a wide range of donations from throughout the community.  Let me tell you about some we received this last month.

A parishioner from St Therese stopped in a few weeks ago and presented me with a check from Fr. Trent and the parish for $5000.  This will go a long way to help us offer assistance to dozens of people with utility bills and rent; it will mean keeping families from being evicted or having their utilities turned off.

Last week, a parishioner came in with items from the Hilton Garden Inn – several boxes of the small bottles of shampoo and such – a great addition to our hygiene closet!  The Blockade Runner Hotel replaced all their linens; we had a call about sheets and towels that were available to us. I said I’d love to have them, and low and behold a trailer full was delivered to us – hundred of items. (And it took several volunteers to sort, size and fold – as well as doing some laundry.) It’s great to see our shelves so full!

The last week of school, the St Mary kids had a dress down day; to help celebrate the day, they collected funds for the Center. Joyce presented me with about $125.

Another day, we took in a donation from the Catholic Daughters. They always do an annual collection of items we need. When they asked us what we’d like this year, we requested cleaning supplies – something often requested, but seldom on our shelves.  Now we have Windex, bathroom cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and more to share with our guests.

One of our parishoners dropped by and gave me her monthly donation of $50 for us to purchase laundry detergent. We buy large buckets and parse it out into quart size baggies. This month, she told me the story behind her donation. Several years ago when she volunteered with us, she assisted a guest that requested laundry detergent, something we didn’t have in stock. The volunteer was surprised with the unusual request and the guest explained how important it was. She hadn’t been able to launder the family’s clothes, and the kids were being made fun of at school for wearing dirty clothes. The parishioner has been making sure we have detergent on hand ever since.

The Knights of Columbus had a huge collection last week. They set up at three Harris Teeters – Waterford, Beau Rivage and Long Leaf. They collected 448 bags of food and $1060 in donations for us. My food guys had 13 full bins of food to shelve on Monday; I had to call in extra help to get it all sorted, and it was all shelved by the end of the day.

And then there’s the pretty afghans that we received; a lovely 93 year old woman makes them for us. Despite her health challenges, she sits in her chair, and crochets them for us, then asks her daughter to deliver them to me. We received about a dozen this month – a wide variety of colors and sizes, and the guests love them. Another parishioner stopped in and presented me with a $500 check towards a new freezer we need.

All in all, it’s the generosity of so many that keeps us in business and we are ever so grateful to all.

Special Need of the Week –  our children’s clothing shelves are sparse. Please spread the word with your neighbors and friends that we are in dire need of kid’s clothes, all sizes.