Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In His public ministry Jesus selflessly served those whom He had met in his daily life.  He healed the sick, aided the widows, orphans, and fed the hungry.  Jesus’ unselfish love for humanity led Him to the cross.

This Friday, as we commemorate the passion and death of Our Lord, my thoughts are with the doctors, nurses, EMS, and all health care providers who sacrifice their precious lives to save those affected by the coronavirus.  Their love and sense of service to the sick might also lead them to pain and death.  We should take the opportunity to pray fervently for them during this pandemic.

Jesus was comforted on the cross by the presence of His Mother and a few female disciples. The Covid-19 victims die in the hospitals alone.  Their loved ones are not allowed to be with them, to hold their hands, to tell them “I love you”, or simply sit silently at their bedside.  Let us also pray for those who have passed away, so that they may find happiness in the Lord’s home, and their families will be consoled in this difficult time.

We must not let fear overcome us.  We must follow the guidelines of those with medical knowledge to keep us safe.  And most of all Trust in God!

With continued prayers,

Fr. Ryszard