Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with 6 people that wanted to learn more about the Center, and to find out about volunteer opportunities.  We met after Sunday mass in the morning which worked out great – our area was clean and quiet and allowed me to give them a thorough tour. After the tour, we sat and chatted about all the types of volunteer jobs we have. I must admit I did talk for quite a while – longer than I usually am able. All of them decided to sign up as volunteers, and they’ll be a great addition to our staff.

The greatest needs I still have are for a few more interviewers, and another gentleman to help with food on Thursday mornings. We’ll also need lots of help with our upcoming holiday events.  I’ll need some people to help when we distribute our Thanksgiving baskets on Tuesday November 26; some people will do deliveries, others will work with me to get the food organized and given to our guests that come in to pick their baskets up. (Muscles are always a good help!).

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’ll also be looking for donors to adopt a family.  I’d give you a shopping list, info on the size of the family, and you’d purchase a basket full of food for them to prepare their own dinner. This is a popular activity, and I have many people that donate year after year; the more donors I get, the more families I can sign up. I often get calls from potential donors a week before the event, but at that point I’ve already assigned all the families to donors and it’s too late; so if you are interested in providing a basket, call me in October so I can have time to assign a family. (If you are interested in the idea, but aren’t able to shop, I can always have one of my volunteers do the shopping if you’d like to donate the funds.)

December will be our multiple Christmas projects, and I’ll explain them in further detail in a future column, but keep in mind there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for those events and you are welcome to inquire about those if you’d like to plan ahead.

As always, contact me if you’d like more info on volunteering or if you are just interested in a tour. Sunday morning is a great time to do it!

Special Need of the Week – Looks like our warm weather if starting to wane so we’d prefer to focus on cooler weather clothing.