Matthew 21:28-32

We know that the 10 commandments are divided into two categories, those that refer to God, which are the first three and the last seven are in the second category that refer to the neighbor.

The first commandment that refers to God is to love God above all things. And what is the first commandment regarding the neighbor? It is the fourth commandment to honor father and mother. It is not only the first to appear, but also the first in importance. Whomever is a good son is capable of fulfilling the remaining commandments: respect life, sexuality, the truth, the goods of others.

We are the children of God. But what kind of children are we? Obedient? Disobedient? Let’s examine the parable of the two sons.

When we receive an order from God we only have two options for how to respond – to obey or disobey. Jesus illustrates with this parable that our response can change. A father orders his two sons to go to work in his vineyard. The rude son initially said no, but later regretted it and went to the vineyard to work; on the other hand, the educated son initially said yes, but then did not go to work.

Because the Jewish authorities did not believe in Jesus, their belief was that the first son was the one who did the will of the father.
Initially, the first son represents tax collectors and prostitutes, and the second son represents the Jewish authorities who ignored both John the Baptist and Jesus. Nowadays the first son represents all Sinners, specifically those who are open to the faith and conversion, the second son represents all religious people when they do not God’ will.

~Fr. Chesco