How to Go to Heaven – Fifth Sunday of Easter

John 14:1-12

Let’s imagine a trip to the most wonderful place that can exist, but the only problem is that there is only one way to get there. Do you think it is justified? Of course, as long as we know that we will not be alone.

Well, this is the meaning of the announcement that Jesus makes to his apostles today.

We are in the farewell speech.

These words of Jesus were spoken in the setting of the Last Supper, but that is important for us because we begin to prepare the mystery of the ascension that will take place in fifteen days.

Four of the apostles ask him about his final journey. They are Peter, Thomas, Philip and Judas but not the iscariot.

Chapter 14 begins with part of the answer that Jesus gives to Peter, and with the answer that he will give to Thomas and Philip. Peter is the first to ask.  Where are you going? Jesus responds with three announcements. First of all, Jesus announces that Peter will also go there. Secondly, he announces that before Peter will deny him three times and finally he announces that all of us will also go where he is going now. He only goes ahead to prepare the place for us because we will be with him forever.

Now Thomas tells him that they don’t even know where he is going, as they will know the way. Jesus answers that there is only one way. Jesus is not a way, but the way. Jesus adds that he is not a truth, but the truth and that he is not a life, but life. While religions are the human search for God, Christ is a search that God has made of us. We can go to the Father through Jesus, because he himself is the one who has come from the Father.

Finally Philip tells him that it is enough for them that Jesus shows us the Father. Jesus claims that he did not realize that this is what he has done all along. Jesus shows what the father thinks, what the father feels, what the father rejects, what the father hurts, what the father speaks, what the father does and who he loves. Whoever loves and follows Jesus will love him and will see him forever.