The Center is back at full speed after the holidays.  We all needed the break, but it’s good to be back to work.  The holiday season was quite a challenge, working long hours to accomplish everything we did but after a couple weeks off we have had time to refresh and recharge our batteries.  The year 2019 was definitely a good one at the Center. We’ve taken on lots of new volunteers that were sorely needed.  Since September, we have seen our volumes of guests increase; we are back to the volumes we had pre-Hurricane Florence.  Most every day now we reach capacity shortly after 9:00, so we are still in need of more volunteers to help serve our guests. Please contact me if you’d like to help!

I always like to share ‘success’ stories from our guests. In December, I told you about the woman that was trying to work on the residence she had found to get it in shape for her family; if you recall, she was extremely emotional when we were able to find a toilet seat for her. (As she gave me a bear hug, her words were “Now my children and I can use the bathroom”, which brought myself and another volunteer to tears.) One of the Center’s longtime friends contacted me after he read the bulletin; he is someone that has offered help to our guests with repairs on several occasions. He said he would like to offer his help with any fixup work needed. I put him in touch with our guest, and he and his wife met with her and her husband to see how they could be of help.  They all worked together to hang fixtures and do some electrical work.  On one of their several visits, my volunteers were explaining how to lay some flooring that needed to be installed, showing them how to cut tiles. The next time they visited the woman and her husband, they were quite impressed with the work they had accomplished since the last visit.  When they complimented the couple on their accomplishment she smiled and referenced a quote “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. She and her husband were good students of their new friends.

After I had met with her in November, I decided to offer her family Christmas assistance. I called her at home to interview her. Once again, she choked up when I made the offer; I warned her that there should be no tears – because if she cried, I would too.  We had a good conversation and we discussed gifts for the kids. I told her we’d like to get her and her husband a gift as well, and she decided on a comforter.  She called me back in early December to ask a favor; she asked if she could change her mind on the household gift and request a glucose meter instead, since hers was lost in the move. I told her I’d see what we could do.  I contacted Laura at our Medical Clinic, and her staff was able to provide us with a meter which we sent along with our Christmas gifts (as well as the comforter, too.)

Special Need of the Week:  Thank you to everyone that held off on donations while we were closed; we are now ready to accept your items and arrange furniture pickups again.