As you’ve often heard me say,  the Center has many volunteers in a variety of roles. On a daily basis, (Monday through Thursday), there are many different positions:

  • Intake desk –  handled by 2 people,  assisted by 2 or 3 helpers
  • Interviewers –  7 or 8 people that gather the items a guest requests
  • Furniture specialist – handles requests from guests and  donors and schedules the truck
  • Clothing sorters – 6 or 8 persons to handle clothes for children adults and shoe department
  • Household – a couple people to sort through household goods, toys, electronics and more
  • Food – several people to shelve food donations and prepare the bags of food for distribution
  • Back room – a few to do donation intake, repairs, recycling (and even do a little laundry)
  • Admin staff – 3 or 4 to handle statistics, reporting, filing, purchasing, printing, documentation, volunteer  coordination, photos (and anything else I need help with!)

There are several roles that are handled on other schedules;

  • Food Lion pickups are done on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Atlanta Bread Company pickup on Tuesday
  • Apple Annie’s pickups on Monday **
  • Bicycle pickups and repairs as needed
  • Drivers – work with team to deliver and pickup furniture Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Food Bank shopping each Tuesday
  • Diabetic food shopping monthly **
  • Hygiene shopping monthly, shelving as needed
  • Donation of bagged lunches (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) **
  • Diabetic food delivery to homebound once a month
  • A team of people to handle the pickup and shelving of our monthly TEFAP food
  • After hours volunteers that provide additional help sorting clothes and household goods

**  Areas that are in need of volunteers:

  • Apple Annie’s pickup – we do a pickup on Monday and Thursday mornings; it’s currently being handled by substitutes and we are in need of regulars. The job entails picking up several boxes from the store off Kerr and delivering them to the Center.
  • Diabetic food shopper We currently have two teams of shoppers – one does meats, the other does the remainder of the groceries. My ‘meat’ shoppers are retiring in March (after years of shopping for us.)  The job entails shopping for the meat, packaging it and delivering it to the Center prior to the first Thursday of the month.
  • Bagged lunches – Thanks to the generosity of several families, we have bagged lunches available

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We’d love to have them on Monday as well.  The lunch bag holds a simple sandwich, a bottle of water or can of soda, a piece of fruit or a snack,  and a bag of chips.  You could even sign up to do it once a month (e.g. first Monday). We need about 30 bags delivered to the Center by 8:30am.  It can be a fun family project to put the lunches together and a way to get your children involved.

Interested in any of our openings?  Contact me at