Mark 5:21-43

Jairus, head of the synagogue, asks Jesus’ help for his daughter who is dying. Jesus goes with him and the crowd follows, pushing him on every side. This is the point of departure of the two following episodes: the healing of the woman suffering from a hemorrhage for twelve years and the raising of the twelve-year-old girl.

There was a woman suffering from an irregular hemorrhage. She was an impure person and it was assumed that she could contaminate anyone that she touched as well. She heard about Jesus and said to herself: “If I can just touch his clothes, I shall be saved”. It was supposed though that if she touched Jesus, he would become impure, but the woman thinks the exact opposite! This is a sign of great courage. At the very moment she touches Jesus’ clothes she feels healed in her body. Jesus had a sensitivity not seen by the disciples. The woman fearful and trembling, falls at his feet and tells him the truth. Jesus then pronounces his final judgment: “My daughter…your faith has restored you to health; go in peace and be free of your complaint!”

Just at that moment emissaries from Jairus’ house arrive to tell him that his daughter has died. Jesus encourages Jairus to believe that faith can achieve whatever a person believes. Jesus allows only some of his disciples to go with him. When they arrive at Jairus’ house, he says: “The child is not dead but asleep”. The people in the house laugh. It is the laughter of Abraham and Sara, that is, the laughter of those who cannot believe that nothing is impossible for God!”. Jesus enters the room where we find the child, himself, the three disciples and the father of the child. Jesus takes the child by her hand and says: “Talitha kum!” And the child gets up. Jesus stays calm and asks that food be brought to the child.

~Fr. Chesco