Summer is here and we’ve been really busy.  We’ve reached our capacity every day for a few weeks now;  so many in need of help for their rent or transportation, be it a bus ticket to get around town or gas for their car.  We are fortunate to have a relationship with Shop and Go on 17th and Market.  They accept our checks, so when we have a guest in need of gas, we send them with a check which is marked  for “gas only”.   We estimate the cost of the gas depending on the size of their vehicle and we make the check out for that agreed amount. When they visit the station, they must show their id to ensure the person we are helping is the one buying the gas.  If we have overestimated the cost,  the attendants keep track of the “change” and refund it back to the Center later in the year. We are very grateful to Tolly and his staff for handling these purchases.

Summer also brings some special volunteers.  One young mom that is a Wednesday regular brought her daughter in to help over last year’s summer break.  This year when school ended,  her daughter made a point of letting her mom know it was time for her to come back to Outreach to help!  A dad and his daughter that volunteered over the summer last year have now returned and brought another young lady to help.  Several of our volunteers bring in a grandchild now and then.  We’ve also met several friends or relatives of volunteers that are in town for a visit and they come in and help us out as well.

The Center is all about volunteers;  we are so fortunate to have so many of them.  Their dedication is what makes the Center the successful place it has been for 30 plus years.  Sister Isaac always joked that she didn’t run Outreach – the volunteers did!  And I agree.  I may have stepped in as Director, but it’s the volunteers that have kept things running smoothly.  I’m grateful to each and every one of them for their support.