Last week I spoke about the importance of the volunteers that keep the Center going.  Likewise, the other half of the formula for our success is  the donors.    We are so blessed to be supported by so many!  All of the financial aid we disburse on a daily basis comes from donations – some in the form of grants, the rest from individuals.

This past month saw a wide variety of financial donations.  A group of young school children, under the guise of a neighboring grandmother, held their annual “Art Sale”.  This has been an annual event for a few years now.  They work on their creations during the year, and on one Saturday morning, their artworks were hung on fence at a home nearby and offered for sale, for the benefit of the Center. One of the children came in with her grandmother and I was presented with their proceeds of $315.

Another young boy came in with his parents;  he brought in a donation of $46 – money he had received for his birthday. Once again, a gentleman that we had helped many years ago came in with his monhtly donation of $50;  he’s been doing this for several months now, in gratitude for help he had received when he needed it, and a wish to aid us in helping others.

Our Senior Singles send in an envelope each month with a donation from their members,  as does the St Thomas More Fraternity.  Many other individuals send in monthly donations ranging from $5 to a few hundred.  We receive the proceeds from the Needy Boxes in church;  several regulars drop in checks of varying amounts, others drop in cash:  coins, dollar bills, tens, twenties – a couple of weeks ago there was a hundred dollar bill. The Knights brought in yet another large sum of money they received  as donations during their latest food drive.   We received a  donation, via PayPal,  from a visitor to our website.  St Mark’s gifted us with a very sizeable check , earmarked to help families with children in the home.

I hope you know that all of your donations of time or money  or material goods are helping to make a difference in someone’s life.  Thank you for sharing.

Special Need –   We will be closing for our summer break as of the end of this week.   Please hold any donations until we re-open on Tuesday, September 5.   We have limited space to store items and we need to clear out space to accommodate the painting, cleaning and improvements scheduled in August.