The other day, a young man came into the Center with his mother.  He had done chores at home and earned $5.00. He wanted to donate his funds to us.  He had also been told that my article in the bulletin had mentioned a need for gently used toys;  he brought in a basket full for us.  He asked for a tour of the Center and one of my volunteers showed him around.  (I was in a meeting and was sorry I missed his visit.)  His brother had previously visited us with donations.

We have young children involved in our outreach activities all year long.  The St Mary School children are very involved. They are often seen bringing their canned food donations to us.  Every year during Catholic School Week, they have a special drive to bring in hygiene type items for our guests.  Our third grade class had a special project last November and presented me with  $125.87. Some of our school children have an annual “Art Sale” for our Center  under the auspices of one of our retired teachers; this year they raised  $350. This has been happening for several years now. Sister always enjoyed visiting the sale in prior years.  We still have some of their artwork on display.

The children are a big part of our holiday activities;  each classroom donates a full basket of food for a family at Thanksgiving.  For Christmas, each classroom ‘adopts’ a child and provides special gifts of new clothing and toys for them.

St Mark’s children are involved as well;  they, too, help with our holiday activities.  Each year, one of their classes holds a ‘Baby Shower for Jesus’ and gathers many new items for us to share with moms of infants. Another class comes over for a tour and brings canned food with them.

On occasion, some of our volunteers bring in their child or grandchild to assist them;  some help  serve our guests,  some help fold clothes, some help make the lunches their family provides, some ride along for a food pickup or delivery of holiday items.

We are happy that the Center provides opportunities for the involvement of the school children that helps them develop an awareness of the needs of the less fortunate and ways they can be of help.

Special need of the week:   Next Sunday is Share Sunday; please consider bringing a non-perishable food item when you come to mass next weekend.