This past week, I participated in the Ministry Fair on Pentecost Sunday.  I realized at the last moment that I had to have some sort of presentation. Searching through our storage room, I managed to find a display Sister had from several years ago, highlighting many of her volunteers (It appears to be a service project a student put together for her).  I decided to re-purpose it, changing the title from Tileston Outreach to The Sister Isaac Center. I also updated the list of resources and supporters to reflect our current activity.  The original poster had two dozen lovely group photos of volunteers and guests ….  displayed beautifully on various color backgrounds. As a matter of fact, the pics were so great, I made a management decision to leave them intact and not try to replace any of them. And there you have it, I was ready with my display!

Did I mention that the photos were several years old?  OK, so it wasn’t a true representation of my current volunteers … but it does reflect the wide variety of activities and the volunteer efforts that continue year after year. Through the years, we’ve always been proud to say we have 100 -200 volunteers at any given time. Looking at these photos, I’m realizing that really means that over our lifetime (going on 34 years), we’ve actually had several hundred volunteers.  Most of the people that work with us in the mornings have been retirees looking for opportunities to help the community; they’ve come from many backgrounds: corporate jobs, government positions, first responders, teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, business owners, homemakers, blue collar workers, retail employees, financial jobs, etc.  We’ve also had many that started out as our guests needing our services who then transitioned into volunteer roles.  Widows and widowers often join us, finding an opportunity to be needed and to receive support from others. Many lifetime friendships have been formed through the years.

The ages of most of our volunteers has ranged from fifties to nineties (yes, I said 90!); we’ve had younger ones as well.  We’ve had some moms that were able to come in when their kids are in school (sometimes bringing the kids in when they have days off).  People of all ages participate in our weekend and holiday activities as well as the lunchbag donors. (Good opportunities for families to volunteer together.)  We’ve had students and others that need to perform community service.

Bottom line is the only requirement to be a volunteer is a desire to help those in need.  Contact us if you are interested; I’d be glad to give you a tour and discuss volunteer opportunities. (910) 762-5491 x-135

Mary Ann