Several of us at Outreach are quilters, as is Sr Isaac.    We are fortunate to have two groups of quilters that supply us with beautifully made  quilts. One group is from the Linus project, and the other is Handmade With Love.  Each month, we receive their donations of dozens of small quilts and throws they have made.  We set aside some of them to be included in Layette Packs put together by our volunteers .  When one of our guests has a newborn, we offer them the thoughtfully gathered layette including many essentials.  The remainder of the quilts are kept in the office.  When we are interviewing a guest with children in the home, we allow them to pick out a quilt they would like; oftentimes, the children themselves get to do the choosing.  Its heartwarming to see their reaction as they find one that one  special quilt that catches their eye as they wrap themselves up in it.  We are also blessed to have two women that knit and crochet small afghans for us;  one of the women was previously spending time in rehab after a fall and her daughter then brought in 4 bags of items she had made for us during rehab.

The other day, I had a woman with a small child in the office. I offered to let the mom pick out a couple quilts for her children, and she went about looking through all the quilts and afghans we had on display. Suddenly her little one shouted out “What are you doin’ goin’ through someone else’s stuff??”.  I couldn’t help myself but laugh. (I suppose the little girl had been on the receiving end of that comment at some time.)

Quilters By The Sea Guild of Wilmington also supports Outreach.  Their members bring canned food to their monthly meeting to be shared with three food pantries, including ours.  They have supported us in several other ways such as  raising funds for us through special projects and  making gifts for our guests at Christmas; many of their members are regular donors of small quilts as well as clothing and hygiene items.

The Guild is having a quilt show called Pieceworks at the Brooklyn Art Center at 516 N. 4th St  this coming weekend, Friday, June 22 from 3pm-9pm Saturday, Jun 23 10am-5pm and Sunday Jun 24 noon-5pm. Stop in and enjoy their creations.