In addition to our large  staff of volunteers,  we frequently have temporary  volunteers that help us out. Many other organizations refer people to us for community service.    Residents of Salvation Army are required to perform 3 hours of community service each week.  Others are sent to us from the court system or an attorney’s office.    We put them to work folding clothes,  sorting hygiene,  handling our recycles,  shelving food, moving furniture or performing other tasks.

We have had high school students putting in service hours;  a while back, we had a young man working on his Eagle Scout project.  College students have come in to gain experience for one of their classes;  we give them an opportunity to work alongside an interviewer and  assist with serving our guests.

Often times, one of our regular volunteers will bring in a friend or relative that’s in town for a visit and they join in and work with us for the day.

Every now and then, one of our guests requests the opportunity to become a volunteer;  this gives them the chance to show their gratitude for the help they have received.  Over the years, we have had several guests transition to become long time dedicated volunteers.

The Center is a really busy place and is totally dependent on volunteers.  My thanks goes out to every single one of them.


Special need of the week –  Pots and pans are always in need.