We are fortunate to be starting the year with another grant from the Making Waves Foundation, through WAVE, the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority.  The foundation, which started in 2010, provides subsidies to non-profit organizations to enable them to offer assistance to individuals in need of public transportation.  This is our fifth year of receiving this grant.  Bus tickets are one of the most requested items we see from day to day.  Transportation is a luxury most of us take for granted.  Like most of you, I’ve owned a car since I started driving. The only time I use public transportation is when I’m traveling.  But for many in our community, public transportation is their only option aside from walking.  Thanks to this grant, we are able to share bus tickets with guests that have medical appointments, job opportunities, health issues, a  return trip home with the heavy items we shared with them ( a food bag can easily weigh 20 pounds), or just a chance to get a ride in bad weather.   A one-way bus tickets costs $2.00 (I’ll be giving my age away if  mention how much prices have gone up since I recall paying 25 cents to board a bus in Chicago many years ago.)  Thanks to the foundation’s subsidy, we were able to purchase a large supply at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, we received more assistance to procure the tickets;  both our Senior Singles group and the St Thomas More Fraternity donate funds every month to help defray the cost of transportation.  I was able to use some of their funds towards the purchase of the WAVE tickets.

We are grateful to everyone that helped us offer this assistance to our guests; and our guests appreciate it, too!

Special Need of the Week – our van is back on the road! Give us a call if you have items to be picked up. We are always in need of clean mattress sets and furniture in good condition.

(Please keep the yard sale items running all month.)