It’s that time of year to once again apply for the Catherine Kennedy Foundation grant. CKF is a local charity that helps non-profit organizations involved in providing services to improve the general health and welfare of the elderly.  The Foundation is impressed with our services to the elders that visit us so much so that we have been recipients of their generosity every year since the grant’s inception in 2003.  They are pleased to see that we are still carrying on the work of Sister Isaac, who had a special place in her heart for the elders of our community. As a matter of fact, they always make a point of notifying us every year to submit an application before the deadline. (Trust me; we don’t have any other organizations seeking us out to submit grant applications.)

Last May, we were one of the many recipients of their grant. We received a very generous amount of $20,000.  Thanks to their funds, we were able to provide financial assistance to 134 seniors.  They ranged in age from 62 to 93. The bulk of the funds were used for utility bills, often preventing water or electric being shut off, and in some cases, having utilities reinstated. The second largest category was for rent payments.

There’s a wide variety of reasons guests were unable to keep up with their bills. I keep a log of all the cases and I thought I’d share just some of the reasons people asked for help –

  • One woman was challenged with the bills for her much needed insulin; the generic version wasn’t working for her and the name brand was quite expensive, leaving her short on her rent money.
  • A gentleman was hospitalized for a lengthy time, only to come home to a disconnect notice for his electricity.
  • Many have taken in grandchildren without sufficient funds to handle the extra expenses.
  • So many health issues impacting their ability to work: cancer, strokes, COPD, HIV, surgeries.
  • Car problems
  • Victims of theft or misuse of their funds
  • Loss of a loved one which then resulted in loss of income.
  • Hurricane related expenses

Thanks to the grant funds, we were able to provide a larger amount of assistance than usual to the 134 elders.

Blessings to the Catherine Kennedy Foundation, and to all of our loyal donors that allow us to continue our work with those in need.

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