We continue to be blessed with all sorts of donations. This week, I was visited by a woman from St. Matthew Lutheran Church on College Rd.  She brought in an abundance of towels and washcloths her group had gathered for us.  I had a phone call from yet another person who told me she’d be bringing in towels she had gathered from a local hotel.  She had brought in a load of pillows from a hotel a few weeks back.  She is on a mission to help gather more items for us from local hotels.

Another woman stopped in and asked to see me;  I stepped into the waiting room to meet her.  She told me we had helped her with $150 when she was in dire need, and she wanted to thank us for helping her get her life  in order. She put a piece of paper in my hand and said good-bye.  When I opened my hand, I realized she had given me a money order for $150.

One of our Knights stopped in and handed me $600 that was collected along with last weekend’s food drive; he also presented me with a $500 check from the Knights’  “Food for Families” program.

My favorite story from the week was a call from the Mary C. Williams elementary  school;  their Student Council wanted me to visit so they could present me with funds they had collected for us.   JoAnn Daley and I visited the school for the presentation;  we met several of the Student Council members as well as the principal and guidance counselors.  They explained that they had held a “Pennies for People and Pets” drive; they wanted to do something to help animals and homeless people.  The classrooms were each given a jar, and the students could drop in change each day for a week.  They collected $600;  we received $300 as will  the Humane Society.  The kids were really excited to present us with our “giant” check.  I explained how their donation would be able to provide help to many people in need. This donation really touched my heart, especially  since the vast majority of their student body (K-5) comes from low income families.

I never cease to be impressed by the generosity of the community we live in; how blessed we are!