Grants are an important source of income for the center.   Mary Levesque works on researching some grant opportunities for us.  Here are her remarks on one of her finds:

“We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the Wave Transit—Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority for their generous grant to The Sister Isaac Center. Through the Making Waves Foundation, they have given us 750 one way tickets worth $1500.00 this year. This is the third year they have helped us with a very generous donation of bus tickets. These tickets help our guests with transportation to job interviews, to a new job while waiting for a pay check, and to and from doctor appointments. Some of our elderly and disabled guests find the food and household items they receive very heavy to carry and we provide them with a bus ticket to get home. You can imagine how helpful these bus rides are to our guests and they are very appreciative of this tremendous help. It is amazing what a difference just a $2.00 ticket makes in the lives of the families we help and they are so grateful.”

Special Need of the Week  –   Thank you for all the generous clothing donations;  now that cold weather is waning, we do not need any more warm clothing as we have limited space for storage.  Think spring!