Often times we are blessed with donations from people that are honoring someone else.  We’ve had several  offerings when a family loses a loved one and asks that anyone wishing to make a donation in their memory share it with us.  At the holidays, we had a few people that sent in donations to us as their  Christmas gift to their parents.  When Sr. Isaac retired, we had others that sent in donations in her honor.

Last  month, we used some of these  special funds to help several people.   Each day, we serve about  10 people that are in need of financial assistance.  We typically help them with $40 – $50 towards an outstanding bill.  When we utilize these special funds, we are able to stretch and pay a bit more.

One woman had a house fire last month, and had worked vigorously to raise the money to settle in a new place.  In addition to paying two months rent, she had to pay all her deposits for her utilities. She visited several churches and agencies, and was just a little bit short;  we paid the balance of her last deposit.

Another young woman and her daughter had lost their  jobs  due to the place going out of business; they have since found new jobs, but fell behind on their bills. They are both working extra shifts to try and get caught up, but they are at risk of foreclosure and are in danger of having utilities turned off.  DSS is working with them on the foreclosure; we paid off their power bill so the lights can stay on.

A woman and her teenage daughter are homeless and staying at Salvation Army.  They had been evicted from a place in Raleigh,  and had trouble finding new housing due to having the eviction on their credit history. They were at risk of being placed  into separate shelters in Raleigh, so they relocated to Wilmington since the Salvation Army would allow them to stay together.  We helped pay a week’s rent at the shelter.

A gentleman that is out of work and seeking employment fell behind on his water bill; he has a job interview set up, but in the meantime is at risk of having his water shut off. His daughter and her children live with him, and she is helping with the other utilities. His grown son is in the home but he is on dialysis. We helped settle their water bill.

All of these people were ever so grateful for the assistance we provided.  They are all working diligently to handle their challenges, and we are thankful to our donors whose generosity allowed us to help with a little extra to give our guests a hand up.