Each morning, our guests come in and wait in the reception area, where they are greeted by the intake team.  We hold our lottery to determine the sequence in which they will be served.  We then start the process of reviewing their information and identifying their needs. Then a volunteer escorts them to the interview room where the interviewer finalizes a ‘shopping list’ and gathers the items we have available. Both of the rooms and the hallway are always very busy places with lots of activity accompanied by varying levels of noise – some days  more than others!  If the guest needs financial assistance, they step into the office – and it’s a totally different atmosphere.  The brick walls and decor really give a sense of history, of the Center and more so of the building.  We have soft lighting, and usually a candle is burning, and if the phone isn’t ringing, it can be a very peaceful,  welcoming atmosphere.

There’s a sign on the wall that many of our guests admire, so much so that we  keep a printed copy to share with them when requested:

promise DAYS
without Pain
laughter without
without RAIN
but he did promise
for today
for the tears
for the way.

Inspiring words for us all.


Special need of the week:  Men’s short sleeved shirts, large sizes

Thanks for your Share Sunday donations last week!