This past week, as UNCW student’s semester came to an end, it was time for them to ‘clean house’ as they headed home.  Sister Rose McNamara, the head of the Newman Center on campus, helped coordinate efforts to encourage the students to recycle items that could be of use to others.  Not so many years ago, students often filled dumpsters with things they no longer needed. This program was put in place to reuse things the students no longer wanted, but could be useful to others. This collection has been in place for a few years, and each year it improves and grows.  It is held at the end of both semesters.

Several pods were put in place around campus to collect items the students no longer needed – food, clothing, bedding , household items and furnishings.  This year, we were selected as recipients of the food, clothing and bed linens. Other items were shared with Habitat for Humanity.

Students helped sort out the donations, and we received our first delivery.  Our van was used to load the items and when it arrived here, it was literally filled to the brim.  First, we unloaded several boxes of  nonperishable food items for our food pantry. Then we started to unload the bedding items; we filled cart after cart with comforters and sheets. Once we had it all in the building, we had a mountain of comforters – dozens of them.

Our next step will be to pick up the clothing; Sister’s crew has sorted and sized it all,  and it will be ready to bring into the Center and shelve.

Our thanks goes out to Sr Rose and the students for their efforts; thanks to them, we’ll have lots of bedding and clothing to offer to our guests.

Special Need of the Week  –  still looking for a few more volunteers to help in the food department in the mornings, or to do pickups from Food Lion once a month on a weekend.