Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Studies indicate that the numbers of infected by Covid-19 have risen rapidly in North Carolina.  We must not assume that because there are no public health restrictions on services in churches the there are no serious public health risks.  We have to follow existing health guidelines and be prudent in our day to day living and decisions regarding social distancing.

At this time, my concern is for the parishioners of our church.  We have to protect our brothers and sisters(men, women and children) especially those with pre-existing conditions.

For now, the beloved Basilica Shrine of Saint Mary will remain closed.  We will reopen when conditions allow.

Our Bishop continues to waive the obligation of the faithful to attend Sunday mass.  Please participate in the Eucharist via live stream from The Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in Raleigh.  The information is available through our website(link below) and Facebook.

Let us join our hands and hearts and pray for one another as we navigate through this time of pandemic with the knowledge that Our Savior is the Light that shines amid the darkness.

This Sunday I wish you all a blessed Ascension of the Lord and a Happy Memorial Weekend.

In Christ,
Fr. Ryszard