The Sister Isaac Center – May 27, 2018 Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

We were blessed to have Sr Isaac here for a (too) short visit; she is my guest columnist this week:

We have been celebrating such great feasts this last half of May…the Ascension, Pentecost and this week the Trinity. They all center around the incredible fact that God wants us to go to all peoples and bring them the message of His unconditional love. The Good News we listen to from Matthew today is that we are called to be disciples reminding our brothers and sisters the God is with us always and asks us to be the hands, the feet, the heart of Jesus right here where we live.

Two weeks ago I spent a few days here at the Ministry and Mary Ann asked me if I would like to write a column for the bulletin. I was honored to have been asked.
There is so much kindness and caring that pours out from the Center.

Pope Francis recently wrote a letter to us entitled “REJOICE AND BE GLAD”. The subtitle is “On the call to holiness in today’s world.” He writes: “The important thing is that each believer discern his or her own path, that they bring out the very best of themselves, the most personal gifts that God has placed in their hearts…”(#1) Anyone who walks into the center sees immediately our Volunteers who pour out their love and service, sharing their gifts, being holy and living here and now their baptismal commitment. Chapter 3 is one of the most beautiful explanations I have read in recent years of the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5. Concern for our brothers and sister, spelled out in the works of mercy towards our neighbor, is alive and well at the center.

Why not stop by and see this Parish Ministry, your Ministry, in action? I am certain it will touch your spirit. Why not spend some time reading Francis’ letter? You will definitely be nourished on your spiritual journey! (And I even downloaded it on to my IPad – miracle of miracles!) Peace, blessings, prayers, Sr. M. Isaac