This past year has been challenging for the Center but fortunately we’ve been open since last June with our ‘temporary’ process, offering help by appointment and distributing needed items with our ‘curb service’. The current construction process has added another level of challenge for us, but we are managing to conduct all of our activity out of the east end of the building.

Of course none of this would have been accomplished without the support of our volunteers and our donors.  The need for financial assistance has been great. We’ve been blessed by the generosity of our parishioners and friends that have allowed us to help hundreds of families.

Food donations have been plentiful, particularly through the Knights of Columbus food drives.  It was an extra challenge for them this year due to restrictions imposed during the pandemic. When they were unable to hold the drives at store locations, they came through with innovative ideas to execute the drives and were quite successful!  Since June of 2020, they had five successful drives for the Center, collecting 3165 pounds of food, as well as $2,547.53 in cash donations. They were able to help other organizations as well.

We are operating with a small staff of volunteers these days. Since we are limiting our services and material donations, we can operate with fewer people.  I’ve heard from several of our ‘regular’ volunteers who are anxious to come back now that they’ve been vaccinated, but it will be a couple more months before we fully open. At this time, I could use a few more volunteers that are able to carry bags up the stairs on the mornings we serve guests; the bags can be heavy, and many of us (including me) can’t handle the stairs.

As for donations, we are limited in what we can accept these days; we are not taking any furniture and most of our adult clothing areas are quite full. We can use bed linens and towels, small household goods, children’s summer clothes and plus size adult clothes 2X and up.  If you have items you’d like to donate, we ask that you call us first so we can confirm the items are needed; we will then advise the best time to drop them off.

Next week is SHARE SUNDAY.  Consider bringing donations of non-perishable food to the Church vestibule. We’d also appreciate any toiletries such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste or tissues.

Blessings for your support of our ministry!

Mary Ann