Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We begin the month of November celebrating the feast of All Saints. In the midst of them are not only officially recognized saintly figures by the Church but  all men, women and children whose holy lives are known to God. We honor them for their goodness and a beautiful manner of life which was exemplary to those who knew them.

All of us have known people who inspired us.  Among them are our parents, grandparents, sisters or brothers, family members, coworkers, friends and neighbors. We are who we are because of them.

Monday is All Souls Day during which we commemorate those who have gone before us. If they were good to us we thank the Lord for them. If they were not we should forgive them as the Lord does.

In November we pray at the Basilica Shrine of St. Mary for our deceased loved ones. As we hold them close to our hearts,  may Our Loving and Merciful God grant them eternal life in heaven.

Tuesday is  Election Day. Don’t forget to vote. Every vote counts!

Stay safe and healthy,
Fr. Ryszard