Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The weather forecasters have predicted a milder winter this year. Let’s hope they are correct. We don’t need any anomalies in weather during the pandemic.

I mentioned before on numerous occasions about my passion for opera. As I listen to beautiful works I sometimes think how music in general came to humans from an evolutionary point of view. Isn’t it amazing?

Classical and modern ballet is also on the top of my list of entertainment. Ballet originated in Italian Renaissance courts and from there spread to other countries. It developed from noble amatures to professional dancers of our era. My favorite ones are those composed by Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. If you have never seen a ballet in your life, The Nutcracker would be a wonderful introduction to this art form for the entire family. I had an opportunity to see it in Saint -Petersburg, London, Amsterdam, and New York and I enjoyed each performance. The dancing, music, costumes and staging are always phenomenal.

Please pray for dancers, choreographers and everyone involved in the production of ballets because their livelihood is affected by the coronavirus.

This Saturday two lovely couples will exchange their wedding vows. The first one is Jenna and Jason. The second one is Elizabeth and Christian. I pray that the memory of this beautiful day becomes more dear with each passing year to them. Lord Jesus bless them always.

This Sunday I will welcome Beverley into the Catholic Church. She will be confirmed and receive first communion. I am happy for her and her loved ones. May the Lord protect them always.

In Christ,
Fr. Ryszard