As Thanksgiving approaches, I thought it would be a good time for me to reflect on this past year and acknowledge my blessings. I took over the leadership of the Center when Sister Isaac retired and moved to New York last December.  Although I had worked by her side for 11 years, it was still a giant step to take over the reins. I always remind people I didn’t “replace” Sister, as she was irreplaceable – but I did accept the challenge of heading up the effort to continue her work.

I’m blessed to have a very large staff of loyal volunteers; most of them are people that have been volunteering for many years, some are people that have returned to work with us again, and about two dozen have just joined us this past year.  Many of the volunteers have stepped up and increased the hours they work and taken on additional roles.

I have a strong Board of Directors. We meet monthly, and our meetings are always productive, whether we are discussing improvements, grants, procedures, problems or events. They always have my back and I couldn’t be doing my job without them.

Father Bob and the entire Church staff have provided support and encouragement; I know I can depend on them whenever I need their help.  And of course, Sr Isaac has been and will always be my mentor, even from a distance.

The school children and staff, the Youth Group, the Senior Singles, the Altar Guild, the Catholic Daughters and the Knights of Columbus have all done their part to continue to support the Center. Donors from near and far have been very generous and keep us funded.

I’m often stopped by Parishioners offering me words of encouragement.  Even many of our guests do the same.  Everyone (including me) misses Sister Isaac, but I’m thankful that I’ve been accepted in my new role as we all work together to continue our ministry to those in need.

Blessings to you and your loved ones as we all give Thanks.


The Sister Isaac Center will be closed this week while we work on

our project, distributing 93  Thanksgiving Baskets.

Kindly hold any donations until the week of November 27.