Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We hoped the election would be over by now but we are still in the midst of it. Let us pray for quick results and for all political leaders in our country.

Many states across the US show an upward trend in new infections with Covid-19 as hospitalizations soar. The pandemic is not going to disappear with a magic wand. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion on safety measures but we cannot reject scientific guidance on the coronavirus. It is necessary to be empathic to other people if we want to slow the impact of spreading the virus. In this case the safety of the entire society comes before the whims of an individual.  Let us not only pray for common sense but act accordingly.

In my younger days I used to  watch live plays. The theater originated in the 6th century BCE in Athens in ancient Greece. The tragedies and comedies were staged in an open air theater with very good acoustics.  In the early stages of the history of the theater one actor or a few of them and a 12-15 member choir performed while wearing masks and the audience  enjoyed watching them play without wearing masks.

Now the opposite. The audience seated in a limited number is wearing the masks while the actors perform without them. No brilliant playwright would have envisioned something like this.  Let us pray for actors involved in theater who feel the financial impact of continued cancellations. They look forward to taking up  the stage again.

In the Basilica things are going smoothly. We celebrate baptisms, weddings, first communions, confirmations and other sacraments. The Knights of Columbus are coordinating a food and blood drive for December 5th from 10am-2pm. Both are a great need in our area. Mr. and Mrs Lee and Sharon Parker will be named the Family of the Month. Congratulations! As you see, the parish is still alive.

In Christ,
Fr. Ryszard