The effort continues to clean up the Center.  At the time I’m writing this, the professionals are still at work; the ceiling tiles have all been removed ; the refrigeration equipment will all be sanitized and our entire inventory and workspace will be checked to be sure it is clean and usable. Hopefully we will be able to open any day now.

The highlight of the week has been our visit with Sr Isaac. When she planned this trip a while back, her original intention was to spend several days working with us, serving our guests and socializing with our volunteers.  When the storm shut us down, she decided to still visit and I’m glad she did.  We all needed a good dose of her encouragement.  She is the reason most of us started volunteering at the Center in the first place; she continues to be our inspiration and we always enjoy her visit. It was especially welcome during this challenging time.  She arrived with a van full of donations from people in New York, including a large cash donation collected from her friends at her high school reunion.  She worked with some of us sorting through  clothes, determining how to get the clothing department back in order.  She was able to visit with many of the volunteers throughout the time she was here.

In an effort to try and offer some help to the community while we are closed, I was offered  a  temporary workspace at the Catholic Charities location at the Harrelson Center.  The Help Hub and Catholic Charities referred guests to me, and I was able to at least offer some financial assistance to many people seeking help due to the storm.  Several lost a few week’s pay or even lost their job and needed help with utility bills. Some  lost their housing. Sister was looking forward to accompanying me this past week so she could reconnect with some of our guests – and they will be thrilled to see her!

Sorry we haven’t been able to receive your donations of material items; (even the items Sister brought are sitting in a friend’s garage til we are ready to receive them.)  Please call the office to find our when we are ready; I will include info on my message when it’s time.  We might not be in a position to receive everything just yet.

Thank you to everyone that has sent in cash donations in the last few weeks; we’ve received them from parishioners, volunteers, friends, and many people outside of our area, even outside of the state. It will be a great help to those in need.

Special Need :  When we do open, we will need size 5 and 6 diapers.